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Workforce Development

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Banks in NH and across the country are grappling with the workforce development issue as they look to address succession planning within their banks.  Here at NH Bankers, we’ve been working on ways to help our member banks address this very issue.

These efforts include:

  • Strategy to get the word out about the diversity of careers in banking.
  • Workforce Development working group provides a forum for discussion of timely and related topics related to workforce development. It also assists NH Bankers with developing strategies to attract workforce into the banking industry.

This page provides tools for our member banks to assist in recruitment efforts at the high school and college level. From brochures, to a powerpoint presentation to future videos, all are available to use as needed.

Supporting Materials

NH Bankers has created career brochures for the high school and college levels to help our member banks recruit quality employees. We encourage our members to download for any opportunity available to speak about the quality and wide range of opportunities available in the banking industry.

These brochures can be customized by dropping in your bank logo and URL. Each brochure has a code on the back to easily distinguish between the two.

Note: These brochures use fira sans for fonts. These are free Google fonts which can be found here when replacing your URL.

High School Career Brochure

nhba recruit brochure

College Career Brochure

Becoming a Banker Presentation

ABA's Get Smart About Credit program offers resources for a presentation to high school students about careers in banking. The following powerpoint presentation introduces students to the many careers in the banking sector and talks with them about six distinct career paths. There are additional presentation materials to assist you with the presentation.

Students will learn: why each job is important, challenges of the job, how careers within the banking industry call upon a variety of skills beyond just an affinity for finance, and will be able to relate these opportunities back to their own interests.

Use these tools to make presentations at your local high school career fairs, and other venues where you can get in front of this age group.

Students will:

  • Learn the numerous career options available as a banker, from those that involve working closely with people, to those that involve managing technology or working with businesses in the community.
  • Understand that all career options combine to form the body of the banking business, and all are important.
  • Identify personality traits, skills, high school courses and extracurricular activities that prepare them for a banking career.
  • Explain how bankers help communities and families, and why becoming a banker can be a good career choice.


      • Lesson plan/script for a 45-minute presentation
      • Becoming a Banker PowerPoint Presentation
      • Student Tip Sheets (make sufficient copies for entire class)

    1. Careers in Banking

    2. Interview With a Banker

Becoming a Banker Presentation
Accompanying Presentation Materials and Activity

NH Bankers produced a 5' x 5' tabletop display to be used at college and career fairs. This display is available for our member banks to borrow.  

If you would like to borrow it for your next event, please call us at 603-224-5373 or email us at a minimum of one week prior to your event. Let us know event and location so we may best be able to get the display to you for it.

Tabletop display sign

Finding good talent is a major challenge for the banking industry. Toward that end, please find our newly developed Internship Guidelines to make it easier to help grow talent at your bank.

You’ll find valuable resources to navigate the development and implementation of an internship, including job descriptions and evaluations forms.

Get yours here.

Once your bank has decided to and established an internship program, we recommend engaging with your local college and university’s career development departments to help with placement of students.

Internship Guidelines

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