Coronavirus COVID-19 Resources

The New Hampshire Bankers Association, like the general public, is concerned about the spread of the coronavirus and the impact it has had around the country and here in New Hampshire. We are committed to sharing vital information and updates with the banking community and have created this resource page for the coronavirus with various links that will be updated continually. If you have questions about additional member resources, please contact us.

Please pass along the word to business owners in New Hampshire; that you are not alone.  In addition to the below programs the BFA is developing new resources that, coupled with our state agencies and lending partners, will be helpful during these challenging times. 

CAP Program - Providing banks the ability to lend up to $200,000 to small businesses and non-profits across the state. CAP loans can be used for working capital, temporary needs, lines of credit, or long-term assets. These loans have rapid approval times and can be deployed in situations that banks normally could not lend into. CAP is a powerful resource to help companies bridge the gap until COVID-19 subsides.

Temporary Loans - A direct loan program from the BFA in an amount up to $2,000,000. These loans are designed to be temporary in nature with a maximum three year term. The amortization rate is flexible, and the BFA can take a subordinate position to the bank. For companies who need temporary loan capital that the bank cannot provide, the BFA is ready to support their needs wherever possible.