Workforce Development

Banks in NH and across the country are grappling with the workforce development issue as they look to address succession planning within their banks.  Here at NH Bankers, we’ve been busy coming up with ways to help our member banks address this very issue.  Part of this work is developing a strategy to get the word out about the diversity of careers in banking.

This page provides tools for our member banks to assist in recruitment efforts at the high school and college level. From brochures, to a powerpoint presentation to future videos, all are available to use as needed.

Supporting Materials

NH Bankers has created career brochures for the high school and college levels to help our member banks recruit quality employees. We encourage our members to download for any opportunity available to speak about the quality and wide range of opportunities available in the banking industry.

These brochures can be customized by dropping in your bank logo and URL. Each brochure has a code on the back to easily distinguish between the two.  

High School Career Brochure
College Career Brochure

(These brochures use fira sans for fonts. These are free Google fonts which can be found here when replacing your URL.)

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