The New England Insurance Trust (NEIT) is a not-for-profit organization that provides an outstanding Group Mortgage Life Insurance Program that pools the premiums and claims experience of over 130 financial institutions from throughout New England.

NEIT was formed in 1963 by a small group of New Hampshire banks with a goal of obtaining an attractive, low cost, and stable group mortgage life insurance program for their borrowers. The NEIT’s pooling concept has helped make the program a great success for borrowers of member financial institutions who have grown to represent over 130 banks, credit unions and mortgage companies located throughout New England. The NEIT’s guiding philosophy has been, and continues to be, “to provide borrowers of member institutions with the lowest cost group mortgage life insurance program available in the marketplace consistent with sound economic and actuarial practice.” 

During the policy year ending January 31, 2016, NEIT member institutions generated over $1.84 million in premiums, earned over $456,000.00 in administrative fees, paid over $888,000. in claims and during the past 16 years returned over $2.44 million under its Return of Premium Program to eligible borrowers. Since inception over 50 years ago the NEIT has offered Group Mortgage Life, Accidental Death, Critical Period Life Insurance programs all underwritten by Minnesota Life Insurance Company and most recently, a number of other programs designed to help participating institutions Increase Income, Mitigate Risk or Reduce expenses. 

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Secretary of NEIT:
Kristy A. Merrill
President, New Hampshire Bankers Association
[email protected]