Small business lending can be tough. Businesses are quirky; each one has unique risks and data can be sparse. Traditional lending practices haven't fundamentally changed in decades but emerging online lenders are setting a new standard by using technology to simplify the application process and improve the speed of lending decisions. Mirador empowers banks to compete:

Simplify the application process. Mirador automates the entire application process, from collection and verification to preparing the loan package. Through automation, we enable you to move with the competition’s speed at a vastly reduced cost structure.

Reduce losses. Our platform combines your existing credit standards with advanced machine learning techniques. We draw on thousands of additional data points to gain deeper insight into a borrower's creditworthiness, while increasing loan processing speeds. Continuous loan monitoring flags potentially problematic loans before they go into default.

Acquire new customers. Increase conversions online and in-branch by not only providing the capital small businesses need but the simplified lending experience borrowers expect.

Improve profitability. Easily implement a modern, secure lending program to reduce origination costs and loan losses. Eliminate wasted hours processing paper applications, collecting documentation and entering data.

Exclusive NHBA Program Highlights
  • Standard implementation fees are discounted – a $5,000 to $25,000 savings
  • Exceptional service levels and performance guarantees
  • Quick set up and trouble free launch
  • Comprehensive program management and reporting

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