Universal Banker Certificate - ABA

Universal Banker Certificate - ABA
New Hampshire Bankers is pleased to offer the ABA Universal Banker Certificate which provides core knowledge and skills needed for the newest and fastest growing role in retail banking.   This is a self paced course and may be taken at your convenience any time of the year.

Universal bankers have multi-faceted job responsibilities, ranging from minimal cash handling and basic transactions to product and service sales and referrals to other lines of business. The coursework in the certificate ranges from key product knowledge to relationship building, customer service, and expert referral skills.

This certificate is designed to help new and newly promoted Universal Bankers to cater to a changing customer mindset by being the single point of contact for walk-in customers, thereby reducing the number of warm transfers and providing a more seamless experience.

Courses include: Banking Basics Suite * Overcoming Objections Suite * Communication Basics Suite * Presentation Skills Suite * Dealing Effectively with Co-workers * Relationship Sales Suite * Effective Meetings * Verbal Communications Suite * Ethical Issues for Bankers * Why Quality Customer Service Matters Suite * Managing Change Written Communication Suite * Online Communications Suite

Member price for the Universal Banker Certificate is $795.00

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4/19/2021 - 6/18/2021
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