Profiles of PPP Loan Recipients in New Hampshire

During the first round of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), banks of all sizes moved swiftly to process loan applications, and nationally, nearly 1.7 million businesses were approved for loans in less than two weeks. In New Hampshire, NH Bankers member banks processed nearly 7,500 of those loans – an unprecedented pace over less than two weeks.  Despite guidance from the Federal Government that appeared very late and changed more than once, PPP loans helped a significant number of small businesses keep their doors open and their employees in jobs. 

Kristy Merrill, President of the NH Bankers Association, stated, “The examples here reflect only a small sample of PPP loan recipients in state, but they help to highlight the nature of small businesses being helped in this moment of unimaginable need.  We are proud of the supporting role New Hampshire’s banks are playing at this critical time, and now that we have moved into the second round of PPP, we know this additional funding can help even more of our local businesses.”


Company:  Caring Gifts, Concord 
Owner: Donna Mark
Employees:  4 
Lender:    Bank of New Hampshire

“Bank of New Hampshire couldn’t have been more helpful in working with me to submit a PPP loan for our small business.” -  Donna Mark

Company:  One Source Security, Merrimack 
Owner: Steve Hammes
Employees:  32 
Lender:    Bank of New Hampshire

“We contacted Bank of New Hampshire and they helped us put everything together.  They worked non-stop and often into the evenings to make sure we were ready when the program opened. With that money, we were able to bring back almost all of our staff and put them back to work.” -  Steve Hammes

Company:  Bagels Plus, North Conway 
Owner: Frank and Carol-Ann Dahlmeyer
Employees:  7 
Lender:    Citizens Bank

“We received our PPP loan and it suddenly felt like a cloud was lifting for us. We sat down and began a strategy to bring people back that could possibly lead to security for both the business and the employees. I cannot express my heartfelt thanks to Citizens for all they have done to help, with them there will surely be a better tomorrow for Bagels Plus.” -  Frank Dahlmeyer

Company:  Francestown Village Foods, Milford 
Owner: Jason Martel
Employees:  16
Lender:    Citizens Bank

“I really am one of Citizen’s biggest cheerleaders. We have had a great relationship with Citizens Bank since we first moved our business to Milford back in 2013. Our most recent experience with the PPP loan was fast, seamless and I felt everyone involved went above and beyond. Having access to this loan was the difference between ramping up or possibly downsizing.” -  Jason Martel

Company:  Gray Consulting and Therapy, LLC, Hampstead 
Owner: Heather Gray
Employees:  10
Lender:    Citizens Bank

“The PPP loan application process went smoothly through Citizens Bank. Citizens was in communication with me about getting their online portal up and working prior to accepting applications. I found out approximately one week after applying that my loan had been processed and two days after that I completed the final paperwork.  This loan allowed me to keep everyone in my company on payroll, working remotely.” -  Heather Gray

Company: Sarah’s Hat Boxes, Hancock
Owners: Debbie & Peter Mills
Employees: 2
Lender: Franklin Savings Bank

“We heard about the PPP program on tv and instantly called Jon for more information.  He put us on the list and we were contacted the next day.  I filled out a little bit of paperwork and we signed the papers within a week.  It is so good to not worry about my 2 employees that I had to lay off a few weeks before. One employee has been with us for 12 years and the other is our son -- so that was extremely stressful. FSB has since called to offer another SBA deferment that I didn’t even know about. The $13,500 PPP loan will keep us going while we wait for the country to get back up and running. Sarah’s Hat Boxes deals a lot with events, promotional packaging, florists, retail stores, store display – a lot of things that just aren’t happening right now.  We will be able to stay in business hopefully for another 35 years. I owe it all to Franklin Savings Bank – a little bank with a very big heart.” – Debbie and Peter Mills

Company:  Buzz Durkin Karate School, Inc., Atkinson
Owner:  Buzz Durkin
Lender:  Pentucket Bank

“This loan means taking care of payroll through the middle of June, and we are able to keep everyone actively employed.  This gives me the freedom to keep people working full-time and keep them productive.  Pentucket Bank has been good to me, they stayed on top of it and couldn’t have been better to work with.” – Buzz Durkin

Company: Fences Unlimited & The Stove Shoppe, locations in Windham, Epping, and Manchester
Owner: Al Guibord
Employees: 65 
Lender: Pentucket Bank

“The coronavirus pandemic has certainly had a monumental impact on our business that we have never seen before. Never in the history of our company have we had to furlough 3/4 of our entire staff. The PPP program has been a lifeline for our business. It has allowed us to hire back our entire staff and re-opened operations for installation and estimating. We applied for our loan with our local banking partner Pentucket Bank and received funds within a week into our account. Pentucket was instrumental in helping us navigate through the entire process.” – Al Guibord

Company: JCB Designscapes, Sunapee
Owner: Jim Anderson
Employees: 12
Lender: Mascoma Bank

“For the last several years we have banked with Mascoma Bank for both business and personal banking and have been extremely pleased with the results. Working with them for my PPP loan was no exception, from the attention to detail from the minute we dropped off the application to final closing, the Mascoma team had great communication with me, paid attention to details and worked long tireless hours to help me secure funding to keep my talented 12 member team in place. I truly appreciate the effort and dedication that Mascoma Bank puts forth taking care of their customers and see myself doing business there for a long time to come.” – Jim Anderson

Company: Nuttin Ordinary, Peterborough
Owner: Adam R. Hamilton
Employees: 10 
Lender: Mascoma Bank

“These PPP funds are critical to our continued timely operations, servicing our grocery store partners and ultimately our customers who rely on our plant-based cheese. Mascoma Bank has been an excellent partner to our business. Mascoma acted quickly communicating well with their small business partners like us. We received notification of when the PPP application window would be open prior to April 3rd. We were able to view a copy of the loan package from the SBA so we could prepare our supporting documents and have a complete application ready for submission as soon as the window opened. We submitted an application on April 3rd and were approved and received funding. 

We measure people, businesses, vendors, and banks very simply, "do you do what you say, and do you say what you do", Mascoma Bank passed this test with flying colors. It's a wonderful feeling as a small business to know you have a bank that is doing the-right-thing and has your back, especially in times of uncertainty.” – Adam Hamilton

Company: Paragon Digital Marketing, Keene
Owner: Zach Luse
Employees: 10
Lender: Savings Bank of Walpole

“Amy and Steve (Savings Bank of Walpole) have always been there to support the growth of Paragon but today they deserve a medal. I’m grateful for their support through this time of crisis, they’ve helped save half my team from being laid off and given us valuable time to recover and rebuild. Now I can focus on my business and clients for the next two months and get through this.  We have 10 employees and we were able to bring all of them back full-time because of the (PPP) loan, even though 50% of our revenue has disappeared. We are focused on improving our business processes and helping clients that are also struggling. It’s also allowed us to continue serving some clients that are unable to pay right now by extending their payment terms out a few months.” – Zach Luse