About New Hampshire Bankers Association

The New Hampshire Bankers Association is a statewide, not-for-profit trade association representing and serving all of the banking institutions in the State of NH whose purpose is to promote the general welfare, usefulness, and public perception of banks and banking institutions to the betterment of New Hampshire, its economy, and all its citizens.

NH Bankers Strategic Plan 2023-2024

The NH Bankers Board met at the end of 2022 with a goal of determining the direction for NH Bankers over the next two years. NH Bankers' mission statement was adjusted to better reflect its strategy: Supporting our members by fostering a banking environment that strengthens our communities. Our four pillars are still the core of our mission: Advocate, Impact Educate and Engage. The NH Bankers will focus its engagement with strategies for each pillar.

#NHBanksGiveBack Month of Service

125th Anniversary Celebration