NH Bankers BankPAC

New Hampshire Bankers Association BankPAC is a statewide, bi-partisan, non-profit political action committee organized by members of the New Hampshire Bankers Association. Through contributions, BankPAC supports the campaigns of state and federal campaigns of those candidates whose views coincide with those favorable to New Hampshire's banking industry and a free and competitive marketplace.

BankPAC takes very seriously to whom it makes contributions, seeking out those candidates who promote that which is in the best interest of banks and in the best interest of a strong and viable economy.

To that end, BankPAC is reliant on member banks to contribute to the PAC, providing many opportunities throughout the year for members to make contributions.

For more information about the NHBA BankPAC, or to make a contribution, please email Tom Fahey, Vice President of Government Relations or call (603) 224-5373.